Big Impact – Why Wall-To-Wall Carpet Is The Next Trend In Flooring

By Designer Rugs on October 19, 2021 
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Designer: Poco Designs Photographer: Anson Smart

Sometimes you want to make a memorable statement with your flooring choice – wall-to-wall carpet is an elegant solution with a wide range of benefits for both residential and commercial spaces.

As opposed to broadloom carpet, which is designed in smaller sections, wall-to-wall carpet is installed in a space in one large piece, fully covering the floor from one wall to the other. Hand tufted wall-to-wall carpet can be used to add a big impact design element, or to create a seamless, luxurious look. Unlike broadloom carpet, hand tufted carpet has a greater variety when it comes to colour, large scale design, material choices and finishes like carving and pile heights.

Custom Miami handtufted wall-to-wall rug by Greg Natale
Designer: Greg Natale Photographer: Anson Smart

If you have a vision for flooring that broadloom carpet or carpet tiles just aren’t quite meeting, a hand tufted wall-to-wall carpet could be the perfect solution. Wall-to-wall carpet can be designed with graphic elements that respond to a room’s layout, drawing the eye to certain areas and creating a visual masterpiece.

For commercial spaces like hotels, retail, education and more, wall-to-wall carpet can be used to tell branded stories, and to create a true artwork underfoot for your customers experience. The large scale design benefits of this handmade product can be used to assist wayfinding in a warm and luxurious finish that hard flooring just can’t achieve.

Custom hand tufted rug
Project: Summit Care Baulkham Hills Designer: Chada Photographer: Geoff Sumner

Another benefit of wall-to-wall carpet is that it can be manufactured in specific shapes – made to measure to fit the room. Broadloom carpet rolls and carpet tiles create wastage when they are cut down. Hand tufted wall-to-wall carpet is oversized slightly to allow for any small discrepancies in the room’s measurements, but ultimately keeps wastage to a minimum for a greener solution.

Designer Rugs can create and seamlessly install fully customised wall-to-wall tufted carpet, for rooms big or small. Whether a wardrobe, living room, or a hotel room, adding a bespoke detail like a wall-to-wall carpet can be that handmade touch of luxury that elevates a space to the next level.

Speak to us today about creating a big impact wall-to-wall tufted carpet for your next project.