The Art of Rugs

Designer Rugs are known as the home of handknots, and for good reason! Handmade with great skill, these beautiful rugs are made to be treasured for generations to come. 

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Our handknot rugs start with luxurious raw materials such as wool, silk, hemp, bamboo, linen and more. A skilled dyemaster carefully mixes and tests colours to create the perfect hues for your rug. These colours can be customised to perfectly suit your home, and can range from earthy to rich and vibrant.

Once the dye is perfected, the materials for your rug are dyed and laid out to dry in the sun, then expertly spun into balls ready to be woven.


The final design is hand drawn onto a guide, and hung on the loom. Each individual knot to be sown is colour-coded and provides a template for the weaver to follow – an incredibly complex roadmap that is followed by sight only.

The rug is then woven using methods that remain unchanged over thousands of years. The weavers tie a knot around each cotton thread quickly and expertly, and it can take weavers up to six months to complete a rug. Once a row is complete, it is hammered down to form a dense and durable weave then cut to create a soft pile. This intricate, artisanal process creates a rug that is incredibly strong with all the beauty of human imperfections.

Washing and Drying

After spending many months on the loom, the rug is complete. It is now vigorously washed – a true testament to its strength! The rug is now dried in the sun, and then carefully measured and stretched to make sure it has been made to the specifications required.
washing rugs

Finishing and Carving

Lastly, it’s all about the details. The rug is trimmed by hand to create a smooth and even pile, or to add intricate carved detail. Carving a rug gives it a sharp three dimensional look and highlights certain areas of the design.
finishing a rug

The Final Product

The result of this awe-inspiring process is a one-of-a-kind rug. Each rug bears the characteristics of its creators, filled with the subtleties and skills of a sea of human hands and millennia of ancient weaving skills. It is a magical yet slow process that is worth the wait – the end product is a true investment piece that can be passed down for generations.