“We believe it is important to keep indigenous art alive through a younger generation. Commercial collaborations like this should not only support young artists financially, but also show them that being an artist is a viable career. Nurturing that motivation to create is critical in keeping this unique art form alive.”

Designer Rugs founder, Yosi Tal.
Indigenous Collections at Designer Rugs
Designer Rugs has released two Indigenous collections – with iconic artist Minnie Pwerle in 2008, and the Yulparitja collection in 2017, a celebration of the Bidyadanga group of artists.

Each rug sold generates royalties for the artists and their families, and also gives back to their communities.
Designer Rugs Desert Trip
For each collaboration, we take great care to accurately translate the energy and subtle details of the original work. Our designers use their expertise and employ innovative technique to capture the painterly effect and original intention of the artist.

We also restrict customisation for these collections in order to retain the original proportions and colours of the artwork.
Minnie Pwerle painting
Through these collaborations, we gain a great deal of insight into the nuances, history and importance of the artists work.

We aim to pass this meaning along to a new audience, who then go on to engage with the original artists and with other indigenous artists.
Jan Designer Rugs